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Check Engine Light Repairs in Downey, CACheck Engine Light

Newer Cars have a computer called the Electronic Control Module, or ECM, to operate the your car's engine and transmission also called the powertrain. The ECM keeps the engine running as efficiantly as possible with the lowest emissions possible. Better fuel economy and more strict emission regulations means that engine parameters need to be constantly maintained for any type of driving condition. Cars today have a large number of sensors and electronic devices to signal the computer or ECM, which controls the engine, transmission operation and monitors emissions.

If a sensor tells the computer that there is something wrong with a part of the engine or transmission, the "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" appears. At this point, it is highly advisable that the car be brought to an auto mechanic. An auto mechanic can scan the car's Electronic Control Module to find one or more trouble codes. The automobile's service manual contains the list of trouble codes and the mechanic is able to pinpoint areas that may be causing problems. From here, the pinpointed areas are examined and further tested to find the defective part.

Auto Repair Computer Diagnostics Downey, CA
Mike Zaharis flashing an OEM
computer with the latest
factory updates
If your check engine light comes on and stays on then, by all means, bring the car in. The problem may be a minor one but that warning light deserves testing. For instance your check engine light may come on because your car is running lean. This can be a sign of low fuel pressure and an impending fuel pump failure. Better to have it check than to risk being stranded.




Bottom line: this light is there to help you. If your Check Engine Light comes on for any reason please feel free to call Steven Luzzi Automotive at 562-869-7778.

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