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Fuel Pump Replacement

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Because modern cars use fuel injection they are dependent upon their fuel pumps in order to run correctly, cleanly and economically.

Your fuel system must be maintained and this starts with replacing the fuel filter every 30,000 miles. The dirty filter causes too much pressure on the pump which will then eventually fail. An untreated dirty filter can lead to more expensive problems like a failed fuel pump and a dirty engine that pollutes. Again, we sometimes see what looks like mud come out of some cars when we go to replace their fuel filter.

In our experience certain makes and models of cars have a much higher rate of fuel pump failures, they just weren't built with the necessary durability.

Occasionally people will complain of a "buzzing noise" coming from their fuel tank area. This is actually the normal function of their fuel pump, mounted within the gas tank and not the indication of a problem. It makes this sound because it is designed to.

Here are the main signs that you need a fuel pump replacement:

  1. Cranking over the engine for too long before the car starts
  2. Intermittently the car will not start
  3. Drivability Problems: fuel pulsation causing poor performance, poor mileage

If you're interested in having your Fuel Filter inspected or are having a drivability problem that sounds like you need a Fuel Pump Replacement feel free to call Steven Luzzi Automotive at 562-869-7778 or use our handy contact form at right.


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