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Hybrid Service

We are proud to work on the latest hybrid cars from Ford, Honda and Toyota. We are a certified Hybrid shop.

There has been talk that Hybrid cars are "old" technology because of their reliance on gasoline for part of their power and that they will be leapfrogged by newer all-electric cars. We don't believe this to be the case and in fact predict that Hybrid technology will be around for 10 - 15 years until the advent of the Hydrogen fueled cars of the future. Interestingly enough the Honda Hybrid doesn't use gas to drive the wheels at all, only to generate electricity. Hybrid sales always go up with the price of gas. Since the world is running out of oil Hybrids are here to stay.

Because Hybrid cars involve a highly technological solution to propulsion they require careful attention to regular service checkups. There are multiple cooling systems, both for the gas motors and the electricity generators. These must be flushed every 30,000 miles - both the gas & electric motors. These cars also use a whole new level of electrically run Air Conditioning systems that themselves take special training to service. These systems must be filled with a non-conductive oil because otherwise they can corrode inside due to electrolysis.

Our shop focuses on recommended servicing of Hybrids: belts, hoses, fluid exchanges, brakes, lights and Air Conditioning systems.

Because of the high voltages found in Hybrid cars their owners should NEVER attempt to service them themselves. Hybrid cars can contain up to 750 volts of DC. It only takes 50 volts DC to kill a person. Trained Hybrid mechanics have special tools and wear specialized safety gloves to work on them. Don't try this at home!

If your Ford, Honda or Toyota Hybrid needs servicing please feel free to Call Steven Luzzi Automotive at 562-869-7778 or use our handy contact form at right.

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