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Hunter Wheel Alignment

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In the days before front wheel drive most cars had solid rear axles in the back. Only the front ends needed "alignment". Saying "Front End Alignment" is no longer accurate!

A good driver can go 30,000 miles before needing a wheel alignment. Some symptoms that seem like alignment can actually be caused by other problems: tread separation or tires that are out of balance, bad shocks or struts.

The front end of a car contains rubber and bushings that can wear over time due to the weight of the car and normal use. These bushing can need replacement. If you have these bushings replaced your car may need to be aligned.

We've all seen those cars, parked and undriveable on the side of the road with one wheel pointing off in some wild direction: they never had a wheels alignment! Not having your wheels aligned can lead to this type of tie-rod failure.

We have the world's best Wheel Alignment machine, the Hunter XL with an extra-long rack. We can align the largest 4-door crew cab trucks!

Here are the main signs that you may have a Wheel Alignment problem:

  1. A car that pulls or drifts while driving
  2. A car in which the steering wheel is not centered
  3. Excessive or uneven tire wear
  4. You have accidentally hit a pot hole, parking bumper, curb or an object in the road while driving

What can be done:

  1. We check your tire wear and do a test drive to identify your symptoms before they get worse
  2. We do a visual inspection for obvious camber problems and check for worn front end parts.
  3. Struts & Shocks are a key to both wheel alignment and tire wear problems. They are designed to last about 50,000 miles before they need replacement.
  4. We hook up our sophisticated alignment machine and check settings and compare them to specifications.

If you're planning a long car trip you should have your alignment checked. If you'd your Wheel Alignment inspected please feel free to call Steven Luzzi Automotive at 562-869-7778 or use our handy contact form at right.

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